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For GTO 46/52 and MO-Models


The AQUAPRINT is a unique continuous film dampening unit utilising new principles which quarantee its exceptional performance.


The roller configuration creates a powerful water / ink micro-emulsion generator. The product of which moisters the printing plate continuously with a high degree of accuracy across its entire surface. The water / ink micro-emulsion is extremely fine and homogenous. Essential factors, recognised world-wide, as necessary for the production of constant, high quality printing.

The secret of the fine consistency and the perfect stability of the micro-emulsion lies with the geometry of the unit combining with its construction from hard chrome and pure copper to give certain physicochemical reactions during the AQUAPRINT´s operation. The hard chrome and the pure copper, when moistened, display a high degree of repulsion to fatty substances on to oil-absorbing and hydrophilic mixtures. This refines the emulsion and maintains perfect consistency throughout the operation of the unit.


Other advantages of  the AQUAPRINT:
No molleton covers * Immediate constant water / ink balance from the first sheet * Automatic cleaning of dampening unit * Can be used with or without alcohol * Extremely easy and flexible to use * Whilst printing the dampening is totally separate from the inking unit thus eliminates unwanted emulsification * High quality sold durable construction * Fast printing speeds with constant high quality * Sharp half tones * The press retains all its functions and its operation is still controlled by its original control lever * Instant starting and restarting wihout pre-dampening * Reduced wastage of ink and paper * Quicker ink drying * Simple operation * Enhanced printing contrast and depth of colour * Water cooling is also possible with a refrigerated fountain * All offset inks can be used * Improved dampening on all types of plates * No special training required * Water is not drained in order to wash press up * The AQUAPRINT is easily removable enabling easy access to the press * Professional forme roller 25 shores.

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