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For GTO 46/52 and MO-Models


The AQUATRON is a unique continuous film dampening unit utilising new principles which quarantee its exceptional performance.


The roller configuration creates a powerful water / ink micro-emulsion generator. The product of which moisters the printing plate continuously with a high degree of accuracy across its entire surface. The water / ink micro-emulsion is extremely fine and homogenous. Essential factors, recognised world-wide, as necessary for the production of constant, high quality printing.

The secret of the fine consistency and the perfect stability of the micro-emulsion lies with the geometry of the unit combining with its construction from hard chrome and pure copper to give certain physicochemical reactions during the AQUAPRINT´s operation. The hard chrome and the pure copper, when moistened, display a high degree of repulsion to fatty substances on to oil-absorbing and hydrophilic mixtures. This refines the emulsion and maintains perfect consistency throughout the operation of the unit.

The AQUATRON dampening unit can be fitted without mechanical manipulation in less than one hour on all  GTO/MO-Models:

[1.] Original dampening unit: 2 forme rollers with molleton (1), 1 distributor roller (2), 1 dampening ductor roller (3), 1 vibrator roller with molleton (4).
[2.] Preparing the dampening unit: Original rollers (1), (2), (3) and (4) changed and replaced by: 1 rubber forme roller (1A), 1 copper dampening distributor roller (2A), 1 special hard chrome ductor roller (3A)
[3] Incorporation of the complete unit comprising: the removable


AQUATRON module (A), composed of 1 dampening forme roller (1A), 1 copper distributor (2A), 1 hard-chromed dampening ductor roller (3A), 1 copper intermediate roller (4A), 1 rubber metering roller (5A) and 1 rubber transfer roller (6A) .

Further advantages of the AQUATRON dampening unit:

Fast printing speeds with constant high quality * Sharp half tones * The press retains all its functions and its operation is still controlled by its original control lever * Instant starting and restarting wihout pre-dampening * Reduced wastage of ink and paper * Quicker ink drying * Simple operation * Enhanced printing contrast and depth of colour * Water cooling is also possible with a refrigerated fountain * All offset inks can be used * Improved dampening on all types of plates * No special training required * Water is not drained in order to wash press up * The AQUAPRINT is easily removable enabling easy access to the press

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