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For GTO 46/52 and MO-Models

COLOR+ is a new concept, by with the printer has the opportunity to change his original inking unit to a precision instrument in less than one hour. This precision blade guarantees a quick, accurate and repetitive obtain of the inking profile - without any manipulation of mechanical change of the machine.

”Triple-function” technical specification:

  • High quality segmented ink blade with precise, easy, mechanical micrometer adjustment of independent zones, controlled by levers.
  • Elimination of ink blade wear and cleaning by the use of disposable foil, easily fitted before use, practical and economical. (optional)
  • General de-inking of the ink duct and its duct roller, simple, easy and rational, with a removable scraper-ink knife.

Easy and quick installation without
modification of  the ink duct

Principal advantages to the professional of the COLOR+:

Accurate inking profile obtained rapidly by adjusting levers * Inking profile can be memorized by numbered, graduated reference scales * Print-runs start up faster * Optimized printing quality * Reduced wastage * Ink blade foil eliminates wear and cleaning of both blade surfaces and wear of the duct roller * In a single operation, the scraper-ink knife removes ink residues from the ink duct roller * Substantial time savings for the process of the de-inking and cleaning of the ink duct roller * Simple and easy to use * Greatly increased productivity * Precise mechanical construction and operation, using the best available materials of high mechanical strength guaranteeing maximum reliability * Pays for itself in an extremely short time.

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