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Master Foils
The Master Foil range is manufactured to high tolerances from top-grade PET material ensuring:

  • Maximum chemical, thermal and mechanical strength for long life without ink duct contamination.
  • Only virgin resin suppliers are used - no recycled polyester.
  • Tested using both conventional and UV inks.
  • Permanently formed for a secure and accurate fit.
  • Compact, low volume packaging for safe, easy and cost effective transportation and storage.
Underlay Foil
Duct Insulating Strip
Ink Duct End Blocks
Ink Knives

Protective Underlay Foil
A two-band bi-adhesive for placement under the ink duct foil.
70mm wide x 25m per roll
Packed in a convenient clear plastic box for safe storage.
Code: 2PUNPF

Duct Insulating Strip
A bi-adhesive for placement under the edge of the ink duct foil.
Packing alternatives:
10 pcs/pack : 150mm x 16mm
150 pcs/pack :150mm x 16mm
25 meters/roll x 16mm
Code: 2DUCT

Ink Duct End Blocks
For Heidelberg press models:
SM 102 Code: 21B102
SM 74 Code: 21B74
SM 52 Code: 21BSM52
MO Code: 21BMO
GTO52 Code: 21BGTO
GTO52 Divider: 21BDGTO

Master Ink Knives
70 mm and 45 mm widths
1 Box contains 4 ink knives
Colors: yellow, red, blue, black
Made from tough, flexible plastic
Logo/name can be printed on each knife at a small extra charge
Code: 2KNIFE

Tessamol Strip
Scraper Cleaner
Rubber Suckers
Deletion Pens

Tessamol Strip
An adhesive foam for
placement under the
ink duct foil.
9mm x 6mm x 10m/roll
Packed in a convenient clear                                                       plastic box for safe storage.
Code: 2TESAM

Scraper Cleaner
For ink duct fountain roller
50 pieces per pack
Code: 26.28055

Rubber Suckers
Packing: 25 pcs/pack
For Heidelberg, Roland and
other press models.

Blue 35mm diameter
Code: 27028435
Blue 32mm diameter
Code: 27028432

Master Deletion Pens
A range of deletion pens for
positive unbaked plates and
most negative plates.

Size:                   Code:         
Fine                     2DPENF
Medium                2DPENM
Large                   2DPENL
Medium Chissel    2DPENMC