Automatic washing device

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Automatic - rational - efficient - economical - practical - fast

Washmatic cleaning unit extracts ink residues in a mechanical and very precise way with a sequential, electronic micro-metering solvent distribution system

- automation and rationalisation of the cleaning function
- immense savings in time and solvent consumption
- cessation of daily cleaning
- very easy and convenient to use
- mechanical cleaning and ink residue storage device remaining
   permanently in operating position on the press
-  ink residue storage easily removable
- operates with all usual cleaning solvents
- optional use of disposable foils for the mechanical cleaning
  device, for storing the residues from some 50 cleaning operations

‘Washmatic’ can be installed in 2 hours on your press - without any mechanical modification


GTO 46, 52  (1- 2- 4-colours) + other presses

The 3 principal automatic cleaning cycles of Washmatic:

1. Express-cleaning of the inking unit                        

average time = 1 minute

2. Cleaning of the inking and dampening units

average time = less than  2 minutes

3. ‘Washmatic special’ : additional cleaning of the inking unit, dampening unit, printing plate, blanket cylinder and impression cylinder, so that the next job can be started immediately

average time  = 2 minutes